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Tenderfoot Farm has made Balltown, Colorado our home for more than 30 years. Our property is located on the Tenderfoot Placer, and we’re excited to offer a variety of goods and farm-fresh foods for your enjoyment. While we established the farm in 2018, this is just another chapter in our family’s story. Owners Misti and JR Cureton bought the property from her family after the passing of her grandparents. We are the sixth generation to live on this land, and in standard Cureton tradition, we are making our living and raising our children right here in Balltown.

In the past, the Cureton family-owned and operated Cureton Lumber Company and Motel, and the Balltown Bar, all while raising cattle and buffalo right here at home. Our mission is to make our customers feel like part of the family by keeping the hometown’s hardworking traditions that have made us who we are. Tenderfoot Farm is truly unique. We did not base our business on one common need. We looked at several different needs and incorporated them into one. You can come here to get your car fixed at Balltown Mini Motors (located directly on the property), buy a fainting goat, get fresh eggs, tea, bacon, and more for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pick up a gift for your loved one just because when you browse any of our farm products and make shopping local easy.

Tenderfoot Farm sells and displays our store goods at the Shooting Star Gallery in Twin Lakes, CO from May through October. Come see us on the property or at any of our distributor locations to shop organic and homemade items. Thank you for choosing Tenderfoot Farms!

Our Team

Misti Cureton - Owner, Research and Development

JR Fearneyhough- Lead Agriculturer

Clint Stone - Assistant Agriculturer

B.K. Stone - Decor and Design Consultant

Peyton Fearneyhough - Procurement Specialist

Bailey Fearneyhough - PR Specialist

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