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Tea lovers rejoice — Tenderfoot Farm has a variety of craft teas available in our farm shop that are sure to satiate your taste buds. Our shop has berry teas, coconut teas, specialized combinations, and more. Plus, we even have the tea-making tools you need to steep delicious brews. Here are some of the fantastic teas and tea-making items you can find at our shop!

Glasses of iced tea with garnish

Casa La Granja (Farmhouse)

Tenderfoot Farm’s Casa La Granja, or Farmhouse, tea is the perfect twist on old Moroccan Mint tea. This tea has traditionally combined gunpowder tea with fresh peppermint, but ours substitutes the gunpowder for the muscatel highlights of Indian Darjeeling. This delicious tea is available for purchase in loose leaf or iced tea gallon bags.

Various teaspoons each holding their own type of tea leaves

S'mores at the Farm

An unconventional and fun tea, Tenderfoot Farm’s S’mores at the Farm Tea is all of the fun of campfire s’mores wrapped into a single beverage. To capture the essence of this famous outdoor treat, we’ve combined black tea and chocolate with the subtle sweetness of mini marshmallows. Lapsang Souchong completes the offering with a touch of smokiness.

Brown teapot with wooden spoon and small bowl of tea leaves

Dreaming about Dragon Fruit

Tenderfoot Farm’s Dreaming About Dragon Fruit tea focuses on the refreshingly sweet flavor of South American dragon fruit. This tea is as welcome at a late summer gathering as it is at a weeknight dinner. The mouthwatering combination of herbal teas and delectable dragon fruit will keep you coming back for glass after glass of this delicious iced tea.

Glass beverage dispenser filled with iced tea and fruit

Our Tea-Making Tools

Whether you’re a novice brewer or a tea leaf connoisseur, Tenderfoot Farm has the tools you need to make excellent teas at home. We have tea ball infusers, disposable tea bags, teapots, mugs, beverage dispensers, and more. Browse our shop today to find all the perfect tools to help you brew perfect craft teas in your own kitchen.

There are many more delicious teas to choose from in the Tenderfoot Farm shop. Browse today to find your perfect tea and tea-making accessories. Not sure where to start? That’s okay! Contact Tenderfoot Farm today for more information on our teas, or visit us in person!

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