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Make You and Your Home Smell Fresh

Enjoy fresh scents with candles, soaps, and lotions from Tenderfoot Farm

How you and your home smells says a lot about you. Smelling fresh means doing more than the basics. You need to go the extra mile to make it count. With the right scent, you make your house feel cleaner, more inviting, and fresher.

Various store-bought products can help you achieve this, most of which are cost-effective and environment friendly. Everyone has their scent, but you can make yours or that of your home smell better. At Tender Farm in Twin Lakes, Colorado, we reveal to you the secrets of creating that fresh smell.

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Try Scented Candles

Instead of going for those hard sprays, you can choose a scented candle for your home. These candles come in various aromas, and you can choose the one that fits you and your home best. To get your whole home smelling fresh, place these scented candles in different areas from the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, study room, and more.

Visit us, Tenderfoot Farm, and view our vast collection of scented candles. Freshen your home in style.

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Use the Right Soaps

Choosing the best soap to use is essential, especially when it comes to keeping yourself fresh. The suitable soap should not only brighten your skin but also effectively wash off the day’s dirt.

If you prefer liquid soap instead, our Tenderfoot Farm liquid soap collection will satisfy your needs. We also have a variety of goat milk soap bars for cleaning and bathing. With Tenderfoot, all your soap requirements are met.

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Replenish Your Skin with Light-Scented Lotions

Don’t freshen up your house and forget about yourself. Use our light-scented farm lotions to replenish your skin moisture and spritz on godly scents as you begin your day.

Applying a healthy body lotion keeps you hydrated and dewy till you hit the shower. By doing this with our lotions, you keep your skin smooth and silky all day long.

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Tenderfoot Farm is Here to Help You

Tenderfoot farm is here to simplify the work for you. We provide you with necessary home and self-fresheners. Don’t know the kind of scent or product to go for? Worry less. We’ve got you covered. With our comprehensive collection of handcrafted self-care products, we ensure you and your house achieve the utmost freshness.

Let your home smell nice and fresh so that you enjoy spending time there. Your scent should introduce you in a welcoming way. You can make people notice you and display your freshness everywhere you go.

With Tenderfoot Farm products like scented candles, lotion, and the vast correction of liquid and bar soap, you have your needs taken care of. Visit any of our distributor locations at Twins Lakes, Colorado, and shop with us.

Enjoy fresh scents with candles, soaps, and lotions from Tenderfoot Farm.