- Tenderfoot Farm -

Tenderfoot Farm located at 160 CO Hwy 82 Balltown, CO 81251 Pasture Raised Meats. farm store. Farm Tours daily May 15th-Sept 10th 10am & 2pm  call 970.406.0205.                                                                                                                                                                                                    tenderfoot @ Twin Lakes 6531 CO Hwy 82 Twin Lakes, CO 81251            open daily Nov-April 10am till 5:00pm                                                        open daily may-october 10:00am till 8:00pm                                            food market with pasture raised meats, gifts, artisan food, coffee,  tea bar and court yard!   

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- Our Goats -

Our goats make great pets that will bring you joy and love for years to come. They are fainting goats, which are super fun! We will post babies as they are born. Please feel free to call us with questions about upcoming arrivals and what it takes to raise fainting goats.

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- Farm Fresh Eggs -

Our chickens are so loved! They are free-range during the day and have a healthy diet deserving of such wonderful birds. They lay eggs even through the winter months, and we only ask $5 for a dozen. We also have half a dozen duck eggs for $5!

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- Gifts & Decor -

Finding unique gifts and home goods is always plain fun! We offer a variety of goods that make shopping for your friends, family, or even yourself easy. You can always email us with special requests or questions, and we would love to ensure you get the most out of every order. Shop now or email us with inquiries.

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- Customer Reviews -


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    "Farm fresh eggs are to die for! Tenderfoot Farm is the place to go for the best eggs on the market!"

    - Jamie

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    "I have never been a fan of coffee, so iced tea is my go-to drink. I never thought I would find a tea as good as the Vanilla Chai. It is delicious!"

    - Lisa

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    "The candleholders are beautiful! I got them as a gift for the in-laws and they were so happy! Thanks Tenderfoot Farm!"

    - Roy

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